Gait Dysfunction

Abnormalities in the way you walk/ambulate is considered a “Gait Dysfunction”. A gait dysfunction can be caused by many things including a recreational injury, following a surgery, muscle weakness, joint injury, or improper footwear. If your gait dysfunction is prolonged, you may develop additional injuries including low back pain or other lower extremity injuries. That is why ambulating normally is a vital part of remaining healthy and avoiding injury.

At King Physical Therapy & Fitness we will evaluate your gait by observing you ambulate several times concentrating on several areas of your body. We will evaluate your ankle heel strike and toe off, assess your knees and hips for adequate flexion/extension, your trunk for sufficient rotation and shoulders for proper arm swing. We will also evaluate your foot for excessive supination/pronation, your Great Toe for adequate extension, and also your footwear for wear patterns. If you are concerned about your gait causing you injuries please stop in and talk to one of our expert therapists or fitness specialists.

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How Strong Is Your “Core?”

By: Mark King, DPT, MPT, CSCS CPT and Matthew King, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Low back pain commonly may be due to weakness of your abdominal muscles and is better known as Lumbar Instability. Some common signs and symptoms of lumbar instability may include, but are not limited to, frequent episodes of low back pain, extreme symptom fluctuation, “thigh climbing” when returning to standing from a bent over position, muscular spasms throughout your low back that “put you to your knees,” and prior surgery.

Depending on your current fitness or functional level entering into a physical therapy regimen, with one of our first-rate therapists, will assist you in overcoming arthritis pain, a nagging muscle strain, or the fear of initiating a fitness program. By improving range of motion, flexibility and learning proper techniques exercise will become easier and more enjoyable.

There are numerous research studies that suggest the lumbar spine is stabilized primarily by the transversus abdominis and the internal/external obliques. The common misconception is that performing sit ups will stabilize the spine when in reality it strengthens the rectus abdominis which has little stabilizing effect on the vertebral column. By properly learning to activate the transversus abdominus your low back pain can be resolved. At King Physical Therapy and Fitness we can establish a “core” strengthening program for you that will consist of only proven strengthening activities to target the transversus abdominis and the internal/external obliques. We also offer a “CORE” fitness class that targets your entire abdominal area. Please stop into one of our facilities for assistance, visit us at, or like us on Facebook for more information.

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