Attending Physical Therapy Without a Referral

In most instances physical therapy is prescribed and suggested to an individual by theirphysician following an injury or surgical intervention. With the prescription the individual is able to choose any physical therapy clinic that they desire and then be evaluated and treated by the licensed physical therapist for the frequency and duration prescribed. In many instances there may be a delay following seeing your physician and being evaluated by the therapist.

This has changed in the state of Pennsylvania and 43 other states in the country. You are now permitted to be evaluated and treated by a Direct Access licensed physical therapist of your choosing for a total of 30 days without a physician’s referral. The physical therapist has the discretion and education to choose if your injury is capable of being treated by physical therapy or if you need referred to a specialist for further testing. King Physical Therapy & Fitness currently has two locations that are able to provide Direct Access. If you are unsure if your insurance allows Direct Access, please call to find out.