Gait Dysfunction

Abnormalities in the way you walk/ambulate is considered a “Gait Dysfunction”. A gait dysfunction can be caused by many things including a recreational injury, following a surgery, muscle weakness, joint injury, or improper footwear. If your gait dysfunction is prolonged, you may develop additional injuries including low back pain or other lower extremity injuries. That is why ambulating normally is a vital part of remaining healthy and avoiding injury.

At King Physical Therapy & Fitness we will evaluate your gait by observing you ambulate several times concentrating on several areas of your body. We will evaluate your ankle heel strike and toe off, assess your knees and hips for adequate flexion/extension, your trunk for sufficient rotation and shoulders for proper arm swing. We will also evaluate your foot for excessive supination/pronation, your Great Toe for adequate extension, and also your footwear for wear patterns. If you are concerned about your gait causing you injuries please stop in and talk to one of our expert therapists or fitness specialists.

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Do You Have a Primary Physical Therapist?

King Physical TherapyWhen you have difficulty lifting your arm up to wash your hair, put on your seat belt, or place it behind your back to tuck in your shirt, whom should you call? How about when you have difficulty negotiating your stairs, turning your head to back out of the garage, or your low back pain disrupts your life, whom should you call? The answer is YOUR physical therapist, the individual that you trust to guide you in the proper direction as quickly as possible.

A 2005 study showed that physical therapists were second to only orthopaedic specialist physicians in their ability to recognize and diagnose musculoskeletal injuries. (Childs 2005) Also, patients that receive early physical therapy have a decreased likelihood of advanced imaging, additional physician visits, surgery, injections, and opioid use. (Fritz 2012) In the state of Pennsylvania you can seek treatment from YOUR physical therapist for 30 days without being referred.

Our mission at King Physical Therapy & Fitness is to provide a first class healthcare experience for each individual that that we encounter by exceeding their expectations, positively impacting their lives, and introducing an exceptional standard of care, all while maintaining a trusting family friendly environment. Make us YOUR primary physical therapist provider!

Take Correct Steps to a
Healthier Lifestyle

Are you looking for an opportunity to take control of your current health situation? Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to begin? Have you attempted to exercise and your body ailments have made it difficult? If so, a visit to King Physical Therapy & Fitness may be the best decision you will ever make.

Depending on your current fitness or functional level entering into a physical therapy regimen, with one of our first-rate therapists, will assist you in overcoming arthritis pain, a nagging muscle strain, or the fear of initiating a fitness program. By improving range of motion, flexibility and learning proper techniques exercise will become easier and more enjoyable.

Maybe you have hit a plateau in your fitness routine or feel a change is in order we can help! We currently offer fitness classes at affordable prices, personal training for one on one or group training and an updated fitness facility to include a superb staff with exceptional knowledge. Please call one of our locations, check out our web site,, or like us on Facebook for more information.

P.S. Most Major Insurances are accepted for physical therapy. There is currently no initiation fee for joining the fitness facility and we offer 1 month, 6 month and 12 month memberships.